The Political Action Committee of
Virginia's Family Physicians

FamDocPAC puts family doctors at the table when health care decisions are made.

FamDocPAC is the financial vehicle through which you can support the election or re-election of those statewide candidates who share your commitment to family medicine.

Richmond Donor
$250 +
Yorktown Donor
$175 - $249
Williamsburg Donor
$100 - $174
Jamestown Donor
$50 - $99

For more information, please call 1-804-968-5200 or e-mail info@famdocpac.org.

FamDocPAC Terms & Conditions - The information provided on this site will be used solely by FamDocPAC and will not be shared with any other parties unless noted by the donee.  Once the donation has been accepted by FamDocPAC, no refunds will be given.

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